Life Magic Users DD – P2

Here’s Part 2 of the short story
Please Enjoy –> Part 2

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Life Magic Users DD – P1

Life Magic Users Dungeon Dive

Check out the info page for the Synopsis, Raw Links, Author, and other information. This is a short story from, so its one very long chapter that I will translate in parts. * I think it’s the second or third highest ranked within the short story category of all time. So it’s more or less guaranteed to be a good story (though it may seem slow for now and the slow pace of my translations wont be very helpful in that respect)

Note: though I’ve started translating this, It doesn’t mean I won’t be translating Hakai Me no Yuuri. I just wasn’t feeling motivated (ever) to translate that one. So hopefully by giving myself another project, I will find more motivation and translate both more frequently than when I was just translating Hakai Me no Yuuri.

Here is the Part 1
Here’s the Project Page

Please enjoy 🙂
(this part is only introduction, so hopefully more will happen in the next part)

Hakai Me no Yuuri – Ch 7

Here’s chapter 7, please enjoy it! I don’t know what I’m going to do about releases (since it took a very long time to get this one). If someone else is dying to pick this up, that’s fine… just let me know. Otherwise, I’ll keep translating: no schedule, just whenever I can.

Chapter 7

Hakai Me no Yuuri – Ch 2-4

Before You Read:
I wanted to release these three chapters together so that we could jump right into the actual story. The prologue goes off in a strange direction (to have Yuuri’s personality end up the way it is), but the real story seems to go in a different direction.
*Not graphic, but there is rape in the remaining chapters of the prologue.
If absolutely necessary, you can skip the prologue (I might end up making an alternative “prologue summary” at some point).

Here are the chapters: Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4